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Mushers & Kennel, Wranglers, Server, Bartender, Cook, Housekeeper, Front Desk, Maintenance in Wyoming

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  • Date Posted: December 11, 2021
  • Location: , Moran, Wyoming
  • Company: Eco Resorts LLC - Heart Six Ranch
  • Job Type: Full Time

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  • Phone: (307) 543-2477
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  • , Moran, Wyoming
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Eco Resorts LLC - Heart Six Ranch

Heart Six Staff Positions

Mushers & Kennel Team Members and Manager

We have full time year round jobs for an experienced musher, kennel tech, and a manager of our Dogsledding activities.  We conduct dogsledding from December 15 to March 31st.  During the off season we are also looking for a member to take care of the dogs and work other positions in the lodge.  This is a year round position which will combine with summer responsibilities across the ranch.  Relevant experience is mushing, vet tech, and/or kennel experience.


Maintains the horses on the property. Gathers and prepares horses for the day. Assists loading guests onto horses and leading them through 2, 4, and 6 hour trail rides.

Job includes all aspects of horsemanship and care including feeding, saddling, doctoring, brushing, and overall care of our constantly growing herd of 90+ horses and mules that we own! This position would also require maintaining riding equipment, corrals, trails, and overall upkeep of the horse facilities. Being able to drive a tractor, haul livestock or having prior dude ranch experience, barn experience or rodeo experience is a HUGE HUGE plus!

Essential Tasks & Responsibilities:

  • Tack & untack a horse in western tack without help
  • Memorize and lead trails in the mountains confidently
  • Memorize horse names, looks, and personalities
  • Memorize safety speech for beginning of the ride
  • Feed and grain horses daily
  • Ride horses when they are walking, trotting, and lopping
  • Adjust saddle to fit the guest
  • Move the herd on horseback in quickly and in a time efficient manner
  • Be in dress code (Button down, belt, jeans, cowboy hat, riding boots)
  • Be on time
  • Carry, lift, or throw up to 40lbs


Service of food and/or beverage to include the order taking and delivery of any food and/or beverage items. This task is to be handled in a friendly, courteous, helpful, timely and professional manner resulting in a very high level of guest satisfaction.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Check station before, during, and after shift for proper set-up and cleanliness.
  • Greet the guest in a friendly and courteous manner and explain any specials and/or restaurant promotions for guest awareness.
  • Record the details of the order from the guest, repeating the order to the guest to check for accuracy.
  • Input the order into the point of sale computer to inform the kitchen of the particulars in the order being placed.
  • When complete, retrieve food from the kitchen, confirm its accuracy, lift and deliver to guests along with appropriate condiments. Abide by State, Federal, and Corporate liquor regulations pertaining to serving alcoholic beverages to minors and intoxicated guests.
  • Replenish beverages as necessary and check with guests for overall satisfaction multiple times.
  • Market and serve upon request any desserts.
  • Present the check to the guest promptly.
  • Regular Attendance in conformation with standards. Being on time, and ready to work.


MUST BE OVER 21. Mixing and pouring beverages to the guests in a friendly, courteous, and timely manner.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Maintain proper and adequate set-up of the bar on a daily basis. This includes requisitioning and stocking of all beer, wine, spirits, paper products, fruit and other necessary supplies based on daily business projections. Working in a clean – as – you – go manner.
  • Greets guests in a courteous and friendly manner, promotes drink and food specials, and ensures quality of drink recipes.
  • Accurate check processing in point of sale system.
  • Accountability for appropriate portions on all drinks served.
  • Regular Attendance in conformation with standards. Being on time, and ready to work.


Responsible for preparing specials, signature dishes, prepping ingredients, and assembling dishes according to restaurant recipes and specifications.  

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Assists in training and coaching of other team members.
  • Prepares food to specifications before and during unit operations.
  • Utilizes kitchen equipment to prepare food items such as: knives, slicers, whips, pots, pans, warmers, steamers, grills, ovens, etc.
  • Ensures freshness and quality of all menu items and packages all products to proper specifications.
  • Performs opening, closing, and side work duties as instructed and according to proper guidelines.
  • Keeps workstation, coolers, and equipment clean, organized, sanitized, and sufficiently stocked.
  • Follows and upholds all health codes and sanitation regulations.


Our housekeeping staff handles the upkeep of our lodging units and our main buildings that service various guests. It is a fast paced business with a fun and friendly staff. We schedule to maximize recreation time.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Professionally clean and maintain Eco Resort properties using cleaning procedures and products in conformance with prescribed company standards
  • Sweeping, vacuuming, mopping, dusting, and washing all surfaces
  • Move all reasonably portable furniture in rooms to clean under and behind
  • Assist with laundry as needed
  • Create a welcoming environment for our guests and owners by ensuring homes are clean and cared for
  • Identify and note any damages to homes. Create maintenance tickets as necessary
  • Collect and remove trash and debris
  • Meet and maintain required Housekeeping metrics
  • Attend all mandatory individual and team meetings
  • Replenish consumable items such as soaps and paper products