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Outdoor Internship in Maine

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  • Date Posted: December 11, 2021
  • Location: , Stillwater, Maine
  • Company: She Summits Co.
  • Job Type: Full Time

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  • Phone: (207) 956-0605
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If you are interested in an internship with She Summits Co. Please contact Amanda Hatley, Director, at so she can coordinate with you and make sure that we have a perfect fit for what you need. Apply Now!

  • , Stillwater, Maine
  • This position has been filled

She Summits Co.

Build your resume with Adventure Leadership, Business Skills, and learning while having the summer of your life.

Who We Are

  1. We are an adventure travel camp for people of all ages but specializing in female-oriented adventure summer camps for school-age children.
  2. We are weekend warriors for those who need an escape to live their best lives.
  3. We are a female-oriented summer camp that travels around the state of Maine enjoying the outdoors and fostering self-confidence through brave experiences
  4. We are captivating to clients who are looking for an adventure in Maine and want to try to step out of their comfort zone to become more self-confident in the outdoors
  5. We are a family, as an employee, you become part of our family through individual attention and small group participation. We keep our numbers low for a closer experience.
  6. Our main goals are to have fun in the outdoors, make friends, and take care of the beautiful spaces that Maine has to offer.


We are an adventure travel summer camp that adventures from the highest mountain in Maine to the 200+islands that make up the Maine Island Trail. We canoe in stillwater but also raft in whitewater. We dance on mountain tops and journal in quiet places listening to the waves. We are based out of Bangor, Maine during the summer and this is where your summer housing is based.

What we do

Our Clients think that we are incredible outdoor adventure badass women who want to teach others to be confident in the outdoors as well.

Our Campers think that we are here for the fun. We get to help them enjoy activities they already love but also to foster new activities for them to fall in love with the outdoors.

Our Parents trust us to encourage their campers to learn, be kind, be present, and have fun. They want us to foster a love for one’s self and a love for the land that we recreate on.

Our Staff chooses to come to She Summits Co for the small camp experience and love of the outdoors that radiates from each of our staff members. They want to make a difference in the life of a client or camper. They want to share their love for the outdoors with others and share the gratitude they have for the beautiful spaces of Maine.

Why an Internship versus a Staff Position?

Each year we welcome adventurous, kind, and passionate young leaders to live and learn through adventure in Maine. We call them interns and trip leaders, but the clients and campers think of them as friends.

We value growth in self. We appreciate and care for our interns. We want you to learn and succeed in any career path that you are exploring. Interns are vital members of our team under the supervision of our Director or Operations Manager. Our interns are paid and receive housing, meals, staff uniforms, and time off during the summer while gaining real-world experience in a challenging but rewarding environment. Our internships provide real-world experience in a hands-on atmosphere with the opportunity to work with your University to receive college credit.

We offer five different types of internships at She Summits Co. Resident internships, practicum, or field-based positions are available in Adventure Leadership, Outdoor Recreation Business Administration, Outdoor Entrepreneurship, and Social Media/Marketing. All Internships require you to be at our summer business location in Maine. Our interns are supervised directly by our Director or our Operations Manager. Most intern positions require fieldwork with a week of camp as well as office work at our summer base. Our summer intern class consists of 4-6 interns. Our interns will educate, lead, and manage approximately 100 hours of programming. Our adventure leadership interns also live with and manage trips for campers of around 200 hours.

Each internship is custom for that intern. We work with you from the beginning to craft a job description and internship goals that fit both your needs and our needs here at She Summits Co.

For more information: Check out our Field Experience Handbook 

If you are interested in an internship with She Summits Co. Please contact Amanda Hatley, Director, at so she can coordinate with you and make sure that we have a perfect fit for what you need. Apply Now!