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Ranch Manager Trainee in southwest Oklahoma

Job Details

  • Date Posted: December 10, 2021
  • Location: , southwest Oklahoma, Oklahoma
  • Company: Kimbell Ranch
  • Job Type: Full Time
  • Salary: $15/hr plus - long hours
  • Housing Offered: Maybe

Company Contact

  • Email: ;
  • Phone: 580.492.4581

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  • , southwest Oklahoma, Oklahoma
  • $15/hr plus - long hours
  • This position has been filled

Kimbell Ranch

The ranch is approximately twenty-five thousand acres, almost all contiguous. It is mainly limestone hills, with seven hundred fifty acres of crop ground that we use for winter and spring grazing and sometimes hay production.

It is mainly a cow calf operation, selling the calves as stockers in the late spring. We do most work using ATVs and UTVs. We rotational graze and presently have over sixty miles of electric fence; eighty miles of old barbed wire fence and thirty miles of waterline, with numerous paddocks.

The ranch has 7 houses, 3 headquarters, and an almost one hundred year old spring fed swimming pool. The majority of the maintenance for the houses and buildings is done “in house”.

This requires a broad knowledge of plumbing, electric, HVAC, carpentry, and DIY. The various headquarters have approximately 10 acres of grass to mow and manicure, and trees to maintain, especially following ice storms and high winds, so arborist and landscaping skills are a plus.

See key responsibilities below:

Cattle: rotational grazing, nutritional requirements; checking, working and processing cows/calves; ultrasound, calving, doctoring; water – water lines, pumps, storage and ponds
Crop ground: servicing & maintaining machinery, tractors & implements, weed spraying, fertilizer, tillage/ sowing, general crop husbandry, weed, pests, and diseases knowledge
Wildlife: maintaining high fence; coordinate with lease holders and guests; pig and vermin control
Houses, structures, grounds: maintain lawns, trees, carpentry, electrical, HVAC, and roads
Fences: electric, barbed wire, and high fence – maintenance and new construction
Qualifications: Must be able to manage other employees & use office computer
No smokers or heavy drinkers
Location: Southwest Oklahoma near Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge. 25 miles north of Lawton, OK; 85 miles south of Oklahoma City, OK

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