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Tow Pilot needed at Glider Riding Establishment in Boulder, Colorado

Job Details

  • Date Posted: August 12, 2020
  • Location: , Boulder, CO
  • Company: Mile High Gliding
  • Job Type: Full or Part Time
  • Salary: TBD
  • Housing Offered: No
  • Experience: 2-5 yrs

Company Contact

  • Email:
  • Phone: 303-527-1122
  • , Boulder, CO
  • TBD
  • This position has been filled

Mile High Gliding

Mile High Gliding Colorado

Glider rides from Boulder, soaring near beautiful Rocky Mountain parks in high-performance sailplanes (not hang gliders) by FAA-certified pilots.

While Mile High Gliding flies all year, our busiest season is the Summer. A typical summer day sees over 20 tows, with our record number of tows in a day hitting a whopping 50 flights!

A Mile High Gliding tow pilot needs to be especially flexible to changing conditions and the busy airspace that we have at KBDU. Gusty winds and winter wave require good pilot judgment to know how to conduct a flight safely, protect our equipment, and even sometimes know when to call it quits and pack it up for the day.

Tow pilot compensation includes pooled tips. Tips are substantial when we are operating at full-tilt. A typical glider ride costs $245 with approximately $36 in tips per ride. We use Square Timecards to allow easy clock-in and clock-out at the hangar for all tow pilots and expect that tow pilots will seek out opportunities to keep the operation running smoothly when not flying. Cleaning the tow planes, cleaning gliders, answering phone calls, and jumping on any other tasks that can be done between flights to keep the planes healthy and the office running smoothly fall within the MHG tow pilot role.

We accept part-time and full-time tow pilots. Historically, our tow pilots fly jets or write code or work for large engineering firms for their day jobs. Some are flight instructors building time that love spending time in the saddle of a high-performance taildragger. The fun keeps good people coming back, and MHG has launched many careers at the airlines and up in Alaska, where high-performance tailwheel time is a requirement to fly the really cool stuff.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Commercial Pilot License ASEL
  • 25+ hours tailwheel within the past 6 months
  • Second or First Class Medical
  • Ability to use Google Calendar for scheduling

Preferred Qualifications:

  • CFI
  • 50+ hours tailwheel within the past 6 months
  • Live within 20 minutes of KBDU
  • Commercial Glider pilot (fly the ride plane too!)

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