Jobs on the Water

Some people are naturally drawn to the water. Salt water, fresh water, beaches, bays, lakes, rivers – they all hold a special appeal that can be an irresistible attraction. But sadly, most people only get to enjoy being around the water when they’re on vacation.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Why not find a job that lets you enjoy doing it every day?

Maybe you’re an experienced boat captain ready to ply your trade along a new coastline. Maybe you’re a scuba instructor in search of new reefs to explore. Or maybe working on the water is not your current career, but it’s something you love – and you’re ready to ditch that mundane desk job and try a new career that will make you happier and healthier.

After all, water covers more that 70 percent of the earth’s surface, so why shouldn’t there be plenty of jobs out there for you to discover? There are more opportunities than you may think: from seafaring jobs on freighters to whitewater rafting. From sailing and powerboat jobs to fly fishing guides and paddle board instructors. Marine biology jobs and commercial diving jobs are also very popular.

If the idea of trading in your “work casual” office wardrobe for a job where you can wear board shorts and t-shirts every day sounds appealing, this might be the move for you. Don’t wait any longer!